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Gene Pool Systems have over 15 years of experience delivering forensic applications for DNA, shoemarks, familial searching, relationship analysis and more.

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DNA Analysis

GPS-ibd is a world leader in highly usable, validated DNA Analysis software. In use by the DoD in the USA and LGC plc in the UK.

DVI Simulations

GPS-Progeny builds DNA populations for DVI simulations. Statistically based DNA distributions allow wide varieties of simulations to be conducted.

Familial Searching

Find out how our products can integrate into your investigative workflow. With experience of integrating with FSS-iD, the National DNA Database solution from the former Forensic Science Service (FSS), we can offer a tailoring service to ensure our products work well with your workflow.


GPS-ibd is an automated relationship testing application that can dramatically improve the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your laboratory processes.

GPS-ibd is so easy to use and feature-rich that an experienced DNA analyst using the system can analyse and report a paternity, immigration or other relationship testing casework problem in just a few minutes.

Comprehensive technical reporting

Highly flexible report template system for custom report generation

An intuitive and easy-to-use desktop for building and manipulating pedigree trees.

Multiple processing options available via menu or keyboard shortcuts.

Paternity, ancestry and kinship analysis

- relationship analysis made simple

Easy to set up, easy to use

Like all our DNA Expert Software Solutions, GPS-ibd is built to the highest possible scientific and technical standards, yet is specifically designed to be easy to use.

Through a clear graphical user interface, analysts can undertake simple or complex relationship analyses by creating hypothetical pedigree trees using a ‘drag and drop’ technique.

With just a few clicks of the mouse they can then add in DNA data. They can also determine exactly how the analysis will be carried out, as the application can account for potential mutations and allow for rare alleles (size-bias) and Fst corrections.

GPS-ibd can import DNA profiles from commercial DNA interpretation software or from a MS Excel spreadsheet.

Enjoy a rich set of features

To make life even simpler for analysts, GPS-ibd already contains a palette of pedigree patterns for common relationship problems – paternity, single parent and sibling analysis – which can be edited or combined to investigate more complex relationships.

The system is supplied with every common STR marker system built in and the ‘gene pool’ data for each of these has already been generated for UK and US populations. The user can modify or edit this data within the application to create a customised laboratory tool.

In addition, GPS-ibd includes an advanced report generation tool that documents all stages of the analysis. Users can also request laboratory-specific statements for court or clients which the system will create in a matter of seconds.

Reap the benefits of GPS-ibd

Developed by forensic scientists for forensic scientists, GPS-ibd can deliver a wide range of benefits to your organisation:

  • Lets you create your own laboratory specific system using the in-built data
  • Improves the productivity and efficiency of your lab
  • Reduces the unit cost of your DNA relationship testing
  • Speeds up analysis and reporting processes
  • Allows for easy analysis of the most complex relationships